• A Legacy of Remembrance

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >Our 2015 Fellows participate in a public dialogue that explores the impact of WW1 on NL & Labrador, 100 years later. Video Highlights!

  • Canada Wide

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >Action Canada's program is offered through nationwide working conferences that enhance leadership skills and develop a broader understanding of the country and its public policy choices.

  • Watch How We've Grown!

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >Action Canada celebrates 10 years of Fellowship with a new video retrospective

  • New Video Highlights

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >Canada's Cities: 150 years and beyond. Watch video highlights of the 2014/15 Fellows' public policy recommendations.

  • Leading Canadians Visit

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >Action Canada thanks the numerous leaders across the country who participate in our working conferences, sharing their knowledge and expertise with our Fellows.

  • Action Canada Welcomes New Fellows

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >The 2015 National Selection Committee has completed its work.
    We have seventeen new Fellows joining our growing national network.

  • Canada's CIties:

    Learn MoreEn apprendre plus >Action Canada releases task force reports on three important urban public policy issues.

What Is Action Canada?

Imagine bringing together outstanding young Canadians whose talents, experiences and perspectives represent the mosaic of our country. Now imagine them connected by shared experiences in a national fellowship program that builds leadership for Canada.

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Who Is Action Canada?

Action Canada is about today's leaders nurturing the next generation of leadership in Canada. Each year we select up to 20 emerging leaders to become Action Canada Fellows. They are the top candidates from a nationwide call for applications.

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How The Program Works

Senior leadership skills development. Cross-country conferences. Public policy projects. Encounters with leading Canadians. Action Canada is all of this and more. With Canada as our classroom, we aim to enhance Fellows’ understanding of the country and public policy choices for the future.

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Events & Outcomes

Évènements et résultats

Conference Blog

Blog de conférence

Labrador 2015: The Fog Lifts

It is 5:00 a.m. and I’m wide awake. No matter how hard I try, I keep tossing in my bunk, my thoughts racing. Here I am at the foot of […]

In A Few Words

En quelques mots

Culturally enriching, purposeful and life changing.

- Benjamin Scott ’12, Tlicho Nation, Public Administrator

No other program in Canada exposes emerging leaders to the complex diversity of our country and the influencers who are shaping it.

- Lara Honrado ’13, Community-Relations Director

We want Canada to be the finest country in the world, and to achieve that we need outstanding leadership.

- Sam Belzberg, Founder Emeritus, Action Canada

La composante « nordique » est ce qui fait d’Action Canada un programme unique.

- Félix-Antoine Boudreault ’12

Action Canada taught me how to interact and lead with my ideas in a group of people who are my peers.

- George Roter ’04, Co-founder, Engineers Without Borders

The task force project was a practical exercise in “moving from enthusiastic to effective.

- Sana Halwani ’06, Lawyer

Action Canada m’a permis de l’exprimer clairement et ainsi de comprendre l’importance des sentiments d’appartenance, mais aussi de responsabilité envers ma communauté qui m’habitent.

- Marie-Josee Parent '12

Culturellement enrichissant, déterminant et transformateur.

- Benjamin Scott ’12, Nation Tlicho, Administrateur public

Aucun autre programme au Canada n’expose des leaders émergents à la diversité complexe de notre pays et aux influenceurs qui le façonnent.

- Lara Honrado ’13, Community-Relations Director

Nous voulons que le Canada soit le meilleur pays au monde, et pour parvenir à cela, nous avons besoin d’un leardership d’exception.

- Sam Belzberg, Foundateur Émérite, Action Canada

The Nordic component is what makes Action Canada a unique program.

- Félix-Antoine Boudreault ’12

Action Canada m’a appris comment interagir et mener avec mes idées au sein d’un groupe de gens qui sont mes pairs.

- George Roter ’04, Co-fondateur, Ingénieurs Sans Frontières

Le projet du groupe de travail a été un exercice pratique pour « aller d’enthousiaste à effectif ».

- Sana Halwanu ’06, Avocate