Task Force Policy Projects

Working in teams, Fellows select, analyze and research critical Canadian issues. They confer with national experts, establish partnerships with stakeholders, and publish op-eds on their project recommendations. At the end of the fellowship, they present written reports at a public dialogue attended by government officials, stakeholders, the media and other interested individuals.

These projects showcase the Fellows’ leadership skills while inspiring innovative public policy ideas. Many of their report recommendations have influenced federal and provincial policy, sparked new organizations and helped improve the lives of Canadians.

For example, a 2005 project seeking to help northern youth stay in school has evolved into the award-winning DreamCatcher Mentoring program. Now endorsed by all northern governments, this popular career e-mentoring program is achieving its goal..

“The task force policy project is a near-perfect rehearsal of the intellectual give-and-take that characterizes the policymaking process more generally, and gave us a unique glimpse into that world.”
— Ian Philp, Fellow ’11