Network Initiatives

Action Canada’s commitment to, and work with Fellows is ongoing beyond the fellowship. We continually seek ways to enhance Fellows’ knowledge, leadership skills, networks and their engagement with public policy.

Working with varied partners, such as the White House Fellows in the U.S., we create national and international opportunities for our alumni.

Initiatives have included:

  • Creating the Action Canada Healthcare Network. This periodically draws together our Fellows working in the healthcare sector. Together, they seek to improve Canadians’ knowledge of, and to generate innovations in, healthcare policy.
  • Establishing a relationship with the White House Fellows program in the U.S. to encourage networking and international exchanges.
  • Organizing conferences for small groups of Fellows to visit New York and Washington, D.C. to meet with leading Americans and Canadians in the financial and business sectors. In New York, Fellows attended meetings with members of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.