Leadership Toolkit

There are 10 skills that form the core of Action Canada’s leadership toolkit. Our leadership development sessions enhance Fellows’ capacity as public speakers, team players and critical thinkers, and improve their knowledge of how Canadian governments work. A unique Northern policy exercise introduces Fellows to historical and current issues facing Canada’s north.

During the year Fellows practice these skills in their task force work and public dialogue presentations:

  1. Op-Ed Writing
    Professional journalists work with Fellows to enhance their skills in writing compelling public policy commentaries worthy of publication in leading print and online media.
  2. Public Speaking
    Fellows are coached in public speaking in a variety of formats such as prepared presentations and “thinking on their feet.”
  3. Dialogue
    Fellows examine the elements of effective dialogue and refine their skills in leading and participating in dialogues on public policy issues.
  4. Power of the Question
    Fellows learn how asking questions is a powerful leadership tool, and practice the art of asking questions in exercises throughout the fellowship year.
  5. Team Building and Values
    Featuring lessons from our alumni, these sessions focus on the skills necessary for working successfully in task forces and other teams during the fellowship year and beyond.
  6. Traditional and New Media Training
    Leading media personalities share insights into managing print, radio and television interviews. Social media experts familiarize Fellows with using social media to advance public policy ideas.
  7. Networking
    Fellows build connections with alumni, advisors and current leaders from across Canada who will help support their current and future objectives and initiatives.
  8. Northern Policy Teams Exercise
    During the northern conference, Fellows meet with government officials, politicians, community leaders and students as they examine three local policy issues. Hosting a public dialogue, Fellows present their findings and, with feedback from the community, enhance their understanding of the issues and the region.
  9. How Ottawa, the provinces and territories work
    Former and current senior federal, provincial and territorial officials explain the inner workings of government systems and how to influence public policy.
  10. Public Dialogues
    Connecting with Canadians from coast to coast to coast is a priority. Fellows lead and participate in dialogues across the country, focusing on local or task force-related public policy issues.