Hunger in Nunavut: Local Food for Healthier Communities

Task Force: Megan Campbell, Lara Honrado, Brian Kingston, Alika Lafontaine, Leslie Lewis, Kate Muller

Advisor: Jim Mitchell

In Nunavut, a kilo of celery can cost $10. Nearly 70 per cent of all households in Nunavut have trouble accessing enough affordable, nutritious food, and the number of families that have difficulty accessing food is nearly six times higher than for Canada as a whole.

In short, there is a serious problem in Nunavut that threatens individual and community health. While the situation is complex, one positive change can be made today. Helping the people of Nunavut access more local food is one way to tackle this problem in a way that is both nutritionally beneficial and culturally appropriate. Contrary to popular belief, a diet based on food harvested locally in Nunavut is nutritionally complete and has significant health benefits.

The consumption of local food in Nunavut can be increased by improving hunting capacity, food processing and distribution, and by increasing awareness about local foods. In consultation with Northern individuals and organizations, this Task Force report makes recommendations to help achieve these goals and ultimately improve food security in Nunavut.

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