Imagine bringing together outstanding young Canadians whose talents, experiences and perspectives represent the mosaic of our country.

Now imagine them connected by shared experiences in a national fellowship program that builds leadership for Canada’s future.

This is Action Canada. More than an annual fellowship, it is an enduring network of dedicated leaders who support each other in working for Canada.

In 2017-18, Action Canada is partnering with the Public Policy Forum to present Your Energy Future, a national policy engagement and leadership development initiative focused on Canada’s energy policy.

Through a national selection process, Action Canada and the Public Policy Forum will identify 15-20 young leaders (ages 18-35) from across Canada. Program participants will represent Canada’s diversity — its regions, languages, communities, and peoples.

Then, for several months, participants will travel to different parts of Canada. They will learn about the diversity of Canada’s energy sector and the implications of the global transition towards clean energy sources. They will engage other young Canadians in dialogue, both in person and online, about energy, resources, and the implications of change. They will develop strategies for Canada’s success, and their recommendations will be presented to leaders in the Government of Canada and the energy sector, as well as to the public.

Applications are due by 5 p.m. PT, April 21, 2017. 

Learn more and apply.