Our Groundwater, Our Future – From Data to Innovation

Task Force: Jennifer Arnold, Ayesha Harji, Taylor Love, Taylor Martin, Kevin Quinlan, Shoshanna Saxe

Advisor: Jim Mitchell

Canada perceives itself as water rich but in reality nobody knows just how much we have, or how quickly we’re depleting it. Groundwater, water found under the earth, remains largely uncharted. Groundwater is a vital source of drinking water for millions of Canadians and is used extensively by our biggest industries. Population growth, climate change and industrial demand are putting stress on Canada’s water resources. If we hope to ensure the availability of water resources in the future, Canada must ensure that its supply and demand are held in balance.

Groundwater has long been an unknown resource. Lying beneath the surface it has not been comprehensively mapped nor its use monitored. Canada is a laggard in this respect. The lack of data on the size and renewal rate of vital aquifers hinders innovation and the development of smart public policy related to how groundwater is managed in Canada.

At Our Groundwater, Our Future, we’ll discuss the tools needed to take control of our water future, and ensure our groundwater is available for generations to come. Drawing on domestic and international best practice we will present recommendations for governments to collaboratively collect, share, and utilize groundwater data to enable innovation in sustainability and industry.

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